Valerine Abiola Lepe (재즈 보컬)

A triple threat in the traditional sense sf the word, Abiola has been singing, dancing, and acting on the three continents. She is a dynamic and exciting entertainer and approaches her musical exploration from a multi-ethnic perspective.

Abiola finds great enjoyment in the gift of music as it is one gift that is meant to be given over and over again.

Her artistic journey has taken her from The Classical Theatre of Harlem in New York, to sharing the stage with Grammy winner Shania Twain, shaking the stage with Latin Grammy nominee Viviana Pintada, and crooning with jazz great Mark Whitfueld.

She has performed at festivals across the US and at the famed Cafe’Wha in New York City.

She has been part of classical music tours as well as directed choirs while arranging music and choreographing for musical. Combined with her education in music and theatre, these experiences have made Abiola a true tour de force.

Every performance she gives is rich and colourful in texture, culturally complex, and deliciously lush. Abiola in her element is a truly decadent listening experience.